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Stacie Roberts
Lead Designer

Stacie, Erin, and Tony have worked together for over 20 years. (We can't believe it either because we're all in our late 20's). And during all those many years of missed birthdays, Stacie has been busy heading up one design project after another—often on top of another.


She's been the lead designer and ideator behind a literal smorgasbord of products and campaigns representing the Who's Who in television and film, renowned thought leaders, and the world's most well-known brands. Below you'll find just an inkling of some of her work. And if she wasn't already showing off, Stacie is also a video editor, a brilliant animator, and master of all things motion graphics, so you'll also find her work on our Video Portfolio page as well. In short, if you want fabulous design (motion or still) in any format in which it may have come since nearly the beginning of time—or at minimum in the last 20 years—Stacie is 100% your go-to (and ours).

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